If an employee takes out $500, pays back $100, and then quits.  We will work with the employer to recoup the amount allowable by state law.  Generally, in Missouri, this means you can not take someone below minimum wage (there are other considerations as well).  

If we're still short then we're still short and that's the risk we take.

However, our experience and industry research conducted by The Filene Research Institute - an independent, consumer finance 'think and do tank' dedicated to scientific and thoughtful analysis about issues affecting the future of credit unions, retail banking, and cooperative finance - indicates that particular risk of turnover may actually be helped by Paytient.

The Filene Research Institute interviewed two employers that credited a similar program with 22% and 23% reductions in employee turnover.

We believe Paytients are less likely not more likely to quit and that is a benefit for everyone.

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