Whether you offer Paytient to all your employees or just a few, doesn't matter to us.  

While our mission is to improve everyone's access to more affordable healthcare, we understand the reality of looking at ways to reduce cost.  

We have seen some customized, creative ways to offer Paytient:

Pairing Paytient with FSA (or HSA) participation

We work with one employer that specified to us that they would like the amount an employee can borrow to be 3X what their FSA contribution or 50% of their HSA contribution for that year. Their goal is to increase FSA or HSA participation. 

Pairing Paytient with High Deductible Health Plan participation

Another employer thought to offer Paytient to employees that enrolled in the high deductible health plan.  They are seeking to reduce anxiety related to the out of pocket costs by providing Paytient as a sort of no-cost financial-shock-absorber.

We can customize the offering, training, and rollout of Paytient to your business needs.  

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