Paytient is a free-to-use benefit provided by your employer that gives you a healthier way to pay for your care.

Here’s how to get the most out of this benefit:

What would you do if faced with an unexpected $400 medical bill? If you’re like many Americans, you may not have this cash just sitting around — so you’d likely charge it to a credit card and hope to pay the balance off as quickly as possible. For every month you aren’t able to pay it off, you’d pay more and more in interest — making a big bill even bigger.

Even with health insurance, many people struggle to afford their out-of-pocket medical and pharmacy expenses.* They're left choosing between deferring or postponing their care, or using a high-interest credit card or loan that costs far more in the long run. Paytient gives you a healthier option.

Paytient is a free-to-use benefit provided by your employer. Here’s how it works: When you join, you’ll receive a Paytient card loaded with the total amount of your deductible. You can use this card to pay for your (or your family’s) medical care in full at the time of service. You can then choose how you’d like to pay your balance off over time — without any interest or fees. And it’s free for you to use, thanks to your employer.

With Paytient, you don’t have to choose between getting the care you need or maintaining your financial health or stability. Here’s how you can use Paytient to maintain your family’s physical and financial health.

How to Use Paytient

You can use Paytient anywhere Visa is accepted: online or in person, wherever you choose to receive your care. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. SWIPE - Use your Paytient card just as you would any other debit or credit card at the time of service.

2. CLICK - When you swipe your card, a notification will appear on your smartphone to open the Paytient app. It's there to let you know you have a transaction that is ready for a payment plan!

3. SPLIT - Choose the payment plan that works best for your budget! No interest. No fees. No, really!

Paytient gives you the flexibility to pay off your bills in a way that works for your budget. You can turn a $400 bill into five payments of $80 or 12 payments of $33.33. Or you can let us decide — if you don’t select an option within 24 hours of a transaction, Paytient will automatically set your payments to be split over four months.

Use Paytient Online

You can use Paytient online to pay for your medical bills for yourself and your dependents. This includes chiropractic care and even past medical bills — if they accept Visa debit cards, they accept Paytient!

If you're ever unsure whether you can use Paytient, just send us a message using the in-app chat feature and we'd be happy to assist!

Use Paytient at a Healthcare Provider

When you go to the doctor, you're usually responsible for a portion of your visit (your copay) on the day of the appointment. You might also get a bill later in the mail.

You can use your Paytient card for every part of your visit: in person to cover your copay, online or over the phone for your remaining balance, and at the pharmacy to pay for any prescriptions. This includes chronic disease management, medical specialists, acute care, and annual exams.

Use Paytient at the Pharmacy

In addition to prescriptions, there are many other care items you can purchase at a pharmacy: Reading glasses to help with minor vision problems, skincare products to soothe skin conditions, cough syrup or cough drops when you catch a cold, etc. You can use your Paytient card to pay for any of these care-related purchases at your local pharmacy.

Use Paytient at the Optometrist

Need glasses or other corrective vision care? You can use Paytient to cover your vision care purchases, including glasses, contacts, eye exams, and other eye care products.

Use Paytient at the Dentist

Whether it’s a routine cleaning or more specialized dental care, you can use your Paytient card to cover the costs. Use Paytient at the time of your treatment and pay it off over time.

Use Paytient at the Physical Therapist or Chiropractor

Physical therapy can be an important part of recovery after injury or surgery, or as a preventive measure. But visiting the physical therapist once or twice a week — as recommended for best results — can get expensive in a hurry! Use Paytient to pay for your visits over time so you can focus on getting the care you need.

Use Paytient at the Dermatologist

Whether you’re seeing a dermatologist for medical or cosmetic reasons, you can use your Paytient card to cover the costs.

Use Paytient at the Veterinarian**

Yes, you can even use Paytient to cover veterinary costs!

Many pet parents struggle with the decision of whether to pay for veterinary insurance on top of the health insurance they have for their (human) family members. They don’t want to add to their existing list of monthly bills, but they also don’t want to be forced to make difficult decisions about their pets due to financial reasons (e.g., if they cannot afford an emergency surgery or vet visit).

Paytient can help reduce the financial stress of Fido’s care, regardless of whether you have pet insurance. Paytient can be used for anything related to your pet’s care, including annual check-ups, prescriptions, emergency visits, specialized care, and more. Just swipe your Paytient card when you’re ready to pay, and then select a payment plan that works for your budget.

Get the Care You Need Now. Pay Later.

Even with health insurance, the out-of-pocket costs related to your family’s care can be expensive. Many people are forced to choose between deferring or postponing their care — or going into debt to pay for it.

Paytient gives you the flexibility to get the care you need now and then pay for it over time. It’s free for you to use, and you can use it anywhere you receive care — for medical, mental health, and pharmacy care. You can even use Paytient to pay for care you’ve received in the past.

If you're ever not sure whether you can use Paytient, just send us a message using your in-app chat feature and we'd be happy to assist!

** Some of our members cannot use Paytient at the veterinarian. If you're not sure whether you qualify, send us a chat message or email us at

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