You’re just about ready! Before Paytient can start making your life easier by automatically pulling employee census data and sending deduction files in a format compatible with Workday, we’ll need you to create a deduction code for Paytient. This needs to be done inside your Workday Administrator Dashboard.

  1. Login as an admin to your Workday Dashboard.

  2. Go to your Workday Homepage and click “Pay Dashboard” located at the end of the first row of icons

  3. On the right side of the screen in the box titled “Taxes, Elections and Deductions” choose: “Voluntary Deduction”

  4. Click on “ADD” at the top left of the page

  5. The next page you are taken to is titled “Voluntary Deduction”

  6. Pull down drop down menu and choose “NCC Foundation”

  7. You will be taken to the next page to set up the deduction description, code, and other options. Please use your best judgment when filling out these fields to classify the code as an employee voluntary, after-tax, non-recurring, non-scheduled deduction.

    1. Deduction Code: “PAYT”

    2. Description for Paystub: “Paytient”

    3. Each Field with a red * must be filled in to advance to the next page

    4. Frequency: One-time

    5. Value: $0

  8. The next page will confirm the details you entered. If everything is correct click “Done” this will take you to a page showing the deduction details.

  9. If the information is not correct go back to the last page and make your changes and click done again.

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