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Navigating mental health services with Paytient
Navigating mental health services with Paytient

Paytient supports your well-being and makes mental health care more affordable with flexible payments for therapy and prescriptions.

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Mental health is as crucial to our well-being as physical health, yet it often doesn't receive the same level of attention or resources. That’s despite the fact that more than 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental illness.

One of the most frequent reasons mental health care is neglected is due to affordability. A 2022 study revealed that a third of Americans stopped going to therapy because of cost, and a 2023 survey reported that 37% of Americans said they’ve skipped filling prescription medications because of cost.

We believe cost should never be a barrier to care. And the consequences of neglecting mental health care, in e lthe long run, can be far greater than the cost of getting care now. That’s why the Paytient card can be used to pay upfront costs for medical care, as well as mental health services.*

Paytient is committed to supporting both your mental and physical health journeys while giving you the freedom to spread the cost of care over time. Here are a few ways to navigate mental health services with Paytient.

Therapy sessions tailored to you

Mental health care is a deeply personal journey, and finding the right therapist is a key component of effective treatment. Whether it’s traditional in-person sessions or the convenience of virtual meetings, there are now flexible options to suit different preferences and lifestyles. The aim is to bridge the gap between recognizing the need for help and receiving quality professional support.

Accessible and affordable medications

For those whose mental health care plans include medication, the cost should not be a barrier to obtaining the recommended treatment. Eligible Paytient members can pay for prescriptions on their own time, so financial constraints don’t block the path to wellness.*

The convenience of telehealth services

The healthcare industry is experiencing a digital revolution, and mental health services are at its forefront. Telehealth has broken down traditional barriers to provide access to those who may face geographical or mobility constraints. This innovation makes it possible to connect with a mental health professional from the comfort of your own home.

Commit to regular mental health check-ups

Regular mental health evaluations are just as important as physical exams and are a proactive measure to maintain mental well-being. This includes simply discussing your mental health during primary care visits, which is an effective way to manage overall wellness while offering you the opportunity to address any mental health concerns with a trusted provider in a familiar setting.

These routine check-ups become a crucial touchpoint for both your physical and mental health, and the process for scheduling and attending regular evaluations is becoming more streamlined, making it a simple and stress-free procedure. Plus, early detection of potential mental health concerns during these check-ups can lead to better outcomes, underscoring the importance of integrating mental health into regular healthcare practices.

With you every step of the way

At Paytient, we don’t just offer a Health Payment Account — we offer a partnership in your pursuit of well-being.

Financial constraints shouldn’t dictate the quality of your mental health care. That’s why we remain dedicated to providing solutions to make care accessible and affordable, so you can focus on a healthier, happier you.

* The Paytient card is subject to approval, and works with providers in certain approved merchant categories. The provider self-selects their merchant category, and in some cases a provider might not be categorized as expected. Approved merchant categories vary. Log in to or the Paytient app to see which categories are approved for your card.

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